Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Flying Dog Act Wednesday Night at Barley & Hops

Time, once again, for the best damned beer deal in town. Every six weeks or so, Nate at Barley & Hops gives the floor over to a brewery of merit and let’s them show their stuff. This time the spotlight lands on the venerated Flying Dog Brewery of Frederick, Maryland. Just $10 gets you through the door and the chance to drink all the Flying Dog brew you care to from 7:00 - 10:00 Wednesday night (April, 6). Really, where else can you go and pay ten bucks to drink quality beer for three hours?

All your favorite Flying Dog beers will be on hand along with a few limited release surprises, I’m sure. As always, the evening’s list will also include an assortment of other brews, boozes and wines, so unless your completely adverse to the pleasures of alcohol, you’re sure to find plenty you’ll like.

As Nate says, “TEN BUCKS!!??!! That's F*@#!'n Crazy!!” Maybe, but sometimes crazy is good!

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