Thursday, June 4, 2015

Oshkosh Beer Show Episode #001

Here’s the first episode of a video series that Adam Carlson and myself have just launched. Adam and I plan to post these shows on a weekly basis with each program being about the beer scene in Oshkosh. This first episode is rather lean, but as we get our feet on the ground we’ll begin bringing in guests and covering a broader range of topics all dealing with beer in Oshkosh. Feedback and ideas are always welcome. We’d love to hear from you. On with the Oshkosh Beer Show...


  1. Great start guys! I liked the information about the beer and brewery. Then a "review" of the beer and giving the view not only what they will find in it but also what kind of person would like it (i.e. California IPA "hop Bomb", Midwest style "more malt"). Where can I find it. I liked the segment about what is going on in Oshkosh as well as what Gardina's has in "new arrivals". Things I know you will do but I will say them anyway, upcoming beer events (maybe to include the Fox Valley), talking with the brewers in town as well as the ones getting started. I would put your book on the table and each week give a piece of Oshkosh brewing history. Have someone from SOBS come in as a guest to review that weeks beer and give the club a plug.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Doug. We’ll definitely be talking about upcoming beer events in Oshkosh and we’ll definitely have some of the local brewers on. And there are a few SOBs slated to join us on the show, too. I like the idea about bringing in some brewing history, but I have to watch myself there. Once I start talking about that stuff, I tend to drone on and on. I’ll sneak it in from time to time, though, for sure. If you have any other ideas, be sure to shoot them my way. Thanks, again!