Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Return of Adler Brau Beer

For those of us who prefer out history wet... This Friday, January 26, Stone Arch Brewpub in Appleton is releasing a recreation of the 1946 version of Adler Brau Beer.

Adler Brau was the flagship beer of Appleton’s George Walter Brewing Company. It was first brewed in the early 1900s. The beer was a mainstay in the Fox Valley until the brewery closed in 1972.

Now it’s back. At least for a little while. This version is a one-off, 7-barrel batch brewed in commemoration of George Walter’s 170th birthday. The beer will be available Friday beginning at 4:30 pm at the pub and in a limited run of four-packs (scratch that, they've decided because of the limited run to sell single bottles, only).

To whet your appetite, check out this history of the George Walter Brewing Company. The Author of the article, Brian Zenefski, is also the guy who discovered the 1946 recipe Stone Arch used. I’ve had a look at the recipe. It’s in-line with the sort of pale lagers being brewed before Prohibition. Should be an interesting beer.

Post-Release Update...

I don’t normally post updates to beer events, but this one came off so well I thought I should make mention of it. The highlight was that so many members of the Walter family came out for it. Here they are enjoying an evening and beer in honor of their forbear George Walter.

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