Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The First Draught

Welcome to Oshkosh Beer

All right, here we go.

What we're aiming to do here is establish a site where Oshkosh beer drinkers and brewers can come together and find out what's going on beer-wise in town. In the weeks to come, we'll be featuring Oshkosh beer brewers, Oshkosh beer drinkers, Oshkosh beer servers, Oshkosh beer historians, Oshkosh beer news and just about anything else you can put an Oshkosh beer in front of.

Off to the left, you'll see the Currently Pouring list. Click on any of the taverns or restaurants featured there and you'll find a complete and up-to-date menu of the beers they're serving on tap (and in some cases, bottles as well). Our goal is to keep this list as current as possible. With the help of these establishments and the readers of this blog, we should be able to do that.

But to make this work, we need the beer lovers of Oshkosh to speak up and let us know what you're drinking and brewing. And why you're drinking and brewing it. If you have beer stories or beer news, please get in touch. If you know of a good beer bargain around town, tell us and we'll get the word out. If you know of other taverns or restaurants that ought to have their tap lists featured, let us know. We don't mind doing the leg work, but we'll need to hear from you to get the barrel rolling.

So here we are. Now lets drink some beer and have a some fun!

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