Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On-line Beer & The O’Marro’s Stomp

One of the main reasons we started this blog was to provide a spot where Oshkosh beer drinkers could come to find out what’s on tap at bars in town that bring in good beer. None of the Oshkosh bars that serve craft beer have been doing much to keep their customers informed about the beer they’re currently pouring so we’ve tried to fill that gap. But we’re not the only one doing it anymore. Last week, O’Marro’s Public House updated their website to show every beer they’re currently pouring, whether that be from a can, a bottle or on tap. Better yet, according to Shawn O’Marro, their site will now run in real-time, “So as I add beer to the system it immediately updates the web page.” This is an excellent idea and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other bars in Oshkosh emulating what Shawn has done. When you consider that most restaurants list their full menus online, it follows that bars serving good beer ought to be doing something similar. Until that happens, we’re here and we’ll continue to provide a current tap list for O’Marro’s as well. But check out the O’Marro’s website and take a look at that bottle list! It’s truly amazing. The selection of Belgian beers alone is enough to bring you to your knees.

And while we’re talking about O’Marro’s, don’t forget that O’Marro’s Stomp is coming this Saturday to the Leach Amphitheater here in Oshkosh. Uncle Kracker is headlining the five-band show. There will be food from Glass Nickel and 20 oz beers for just $4. Shawn says, “This ain't your average concert; it's the way a show should be!” For all the detail on The Stomp, visit the O’Marro’s Stomp website.

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