Monday, July 19, 2010

Brews n’ Blues 2010 - A Beery Good Time

Here’s a quick, little movie of Saturday afternoon fun at the Leach. The weather was hot, the beer was cold and it all went by much too fast. If you were there and found yourself on Sunday morning struggling to remember what happened, this may help.


  1. My wife and I had a blast and tried many new beers. My fave new beer that I tried, that wasn't an SOB beer, was the Sand Creek Wild Ride. My wife is not a beer drinker but she really enjoyed the many SOB flavors and of course a few Crispin ciders. I tried a couple times to seek out Lee, but each time unsuccessful.

  2. OSNW3 - Damn! Sorry I missed you. After my brew was finished I was running around trying to check everything out. Hectic, day but a lot of fun. One of these days we'll meet up.

  3. Here are the winners from the Chief of Beers awards at Brews n" Blues 2010

    Winner - Stone Cellar Vanilla Stout
    First Runner Up - Sand Creek Hard Lemonade
    Second Runner Up - Southern Tier Crème Brûlée Imperial Milk Stout

    You were just dying to know, weren't you now?