Monday, August 23, 2010

Clarence “Inky” Jungwirth’s Oshkosh Growler Story

Last week we touched on the infamous Oshkosh Growler, the greased buckets that were used for transporting beer from the taverns to home or work. Here’s more on the subject. The clip below is Clarence “Inky” Jungwirth’s telling of a legendary Oshkosh Growler story that Inky swears is true. This slice of oral history is about the children of Oshkosh in the early 1900s transporting beer to their fathers working in the factories. As Inky explains, sometimes the kids delivered the beer in a highly modified form...


  1. Even though I'm an Oshkosh "transplant" from another beer town (La Crosse), I love Oshkosh history - especially Oshkosh beer history. And even though I've been out of school awhile, I always love a good history lesson so keep 'em coming!!

  2. Hey, Scott. I’m glad you like the history stuff. I’m also a "transplant" from another beer town (Milwaukee in my case), and like you, I love Oshkosh history. I find this city endlessly fascinating.

  3. Mr. Jungwirth came and spoke to my second graders. He didn't tell this story (of course), but what a wonderful man and a great resource for the Fox Valley. He is so knowledgeable and such an engaging story teller!