Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Flight Pattern for Hops & Props 2011

You know what it’s like... you crash through the gate at a beer festival and suddenly find yourself confronted by an ocean of delectable brew. The clock begins ticking. So much beer. So little time. What to do?

Easy. You find the stuff you haven’t tried before. You cruise past the brews you can get any damned day of the week and head straight for the beer that’s foreign to these parts. Beer festivals are all about trying something new and with that in mind, here are 10 beers that will be pouring at Hops & Props this weekend that you’ll have a hard time finding after the clock strikes 10 Saturday night.

We’ve got a long night ahead of us, so let’s warm-up our palates with something light bodied, crisp and German.

1) New Glarus’ Two Women Lager

Good luck finding this German style Pilsener anywhere else. Here’s a beer that’s developing a cult following based on its scarcity. Last I heard, it was going for $5 a bottle. Is it that good?

2) Potosi Czech Style Pilsener

The early word on this beer has been favorable. The only Potosi we’ve been getting around here has been of the ale variety, it’ll be interesting to see if they can pull off a lager.

        We’ll stay on the Wisconsin tip, but step things up a bit.

3) Capital Tett Doppelbock
We’re still in lager land, but miles from where we started. A big, malty, rich beer that will make the room glow.

        Time for some strange.

4) Dogfish Head’s Palo Santo
A 12% abv, roasty, brown ale aged on Palo Santo wood. What the hell is Palo Santo wood? I don’t know but I’m dying to taste it.

        Let’s wash away that malt.

5) Bear Republic Brewing
Doesn’t matter what you try, just get over there and drink. Most everything they brew is loaded with hops and great for stripping the dough from your tongue.

        It’s starting to feel like a beer fest, let’s bring on the Belgians.

6) Gnomegang

Here we go, a big Belgian Golden Strong Ale. This beer is the result of a collaboration between American Ommegang and Belgian Brasserie d 'Achouffe. Pull that snifter out of your back pocket and put it to work.

7) North Coast’s Brother Thelonius

A Belgian Dark Strong Ale that’s robust and rich as hell. Its easy 9.3% punch has a roofie-like demeanor.

        Utah? Beer? Yup!

8) Utah Brewers Cooperative

They’ll be pouring four beers - Polygamy Porter, White Label Belgian Wit, Hop Rising Double IPA, and Devastator Double Bock. We get none of them around here. Close your eyes and pick any two.

        We’re into the last leg of our journey. Time to go big... and black.

9) Oskar Blues’ Ten FIDY Imperial Stout

A huge (10.5%) Russian Imperial Stout. Tastes great until your head goes numb. You’ll need to rinse your cup after this syrup. Then again, at this point decorum won’t much matter. Get your tongue in there and lick that glass clean!

10) Founders Double Trouble Imperial IPA

This 9.4% hop bomb will be the last beer you’ll be tasting. You may drink other beers, but this will be the last one you’ll taste. The hop flavor and bitterness will cling to your mouth and even your Sunday morning coffee will seem to have been triple-hopped. It’s the beer that keeps on giving.

To hell, with my suggestions, chart a path of your own. HERE is the list of everything pouring at Hops & Props.

And if you’ve made it this far, I’ve got a secret just for you: There is going to be a beer named Bockscar Bock pouring at one of the stands (I’m not at liberty to mention the brewer) that is guaranteed to make you happy, wealthy, immortal and irresistible. This beer will change your life. It is the nectar of the Gods. Drink it... if you dare.

As of 9:05 a.m. tickets for Hops & Props were still available. Go HERE for details


  1. Two women is just an "ok" beer. Not worth 5 dollars a bottle but definitely worth trying for free. Great post Lee!

  2. Thanks, guys. It's going to be a fun night!

  3. I so wish I could have made it back to Oshkosh in time for this event. I'm waiting for a great beer fest in Wisconsin that I can plan a trip around sometime this year.