Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ale Asylum Lands in Oshkosh

If punchy, hop-forward American Craft Beer is your cup of meat, then Thursday night (as in October 18, 2012) ought to find your bulk planted at Oblio’s, where Ale Asylum will be pouring for all it’s worth. Based out of Madison, Ale Asylum is the sixth largest (and fastest growing) craft brewery in the state. They’ve just moved into a new 45,000 bbl capacity brewery and expanded their distribution beyond the Milwaukee/Madison area, which has been soaking up most of their efforts for the past six years.

The Oshkosh tasting will run at Oblio’s from 9-11 pm. It’s free and I’m sure if you ask nicely they’ll oblige you with all sorts of gratis samples. What have you got to lose... other than your sobriety?

For more info on the Ale Asylum plan for world domination, go HERE.
Go HERE, if you want to get your drool on for some of what they'll be dousing the crowd with at Oblio's.

1 comment:

  1. ... And it lands with a THUD! From what I've heard, they should have called it Fail Asylum. Sounds like the distributor really dropped the ball on this one. Giving people the "Privilege" of buying a pint of a run-of-the-mill IPA isn't much of a launch. More like a lob.