Thursday, May 9, 2013

Oshkosh Beer (Well, Not Really) Sampler 022: Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser

A slanted and endless survey of what’s pouring in Oshkosh, tallied one beer Cyser at a time.

What: Zombie Killer Cherry Cyser by B. Nektar Meadery of Ferndale, Michigan. Cyser is an offshoot of the Mead family produced by fermenting honey and apple juice. In this case they’ve also blended in
tart Michigan cherry juice.

Where: At Gardina’s where they’re selling 500 ml (16.9 oz) bottles for $9.99

Why: Because there’s more to life than beer (or so I’m told). Here’s the proof. Zombie Killer has a fairly high degree of flavor complexity, but it’s so inviting and drinkable that it pulls you straight in. Aside from those opposed to honey, apples, cherries and alcohol, I can’t imagine someone not enjoying this. It pours clear with a pinkish hue and settles with a slight rim of bubbles. Everything it’s made with comes up in the aroma: cherry, honey, apples. The cherries carry the dominant note and the light carbonation makes its balance of sweet and tart just a little more lively. After a couple tastes I had the urge to upend the entire glass into my mouth. So I did. At 6% ABV you don’t have to worry much about giving in to such urges. This one is undemanding and excellent and if you haven’t tried a Cyser yet, this would be the place to start.

One More Thing: That packaged beer rack that went in at Gardina’s a few months back continues to be a constant source of pleasure for me. Within a small space, and a short amount of time, Adam Carlson at Gardina’s has managed to put together the most consistently interesting collection of beer of any retailer in the city. I’ve yet to walk in and not find at least a couple of things I haven’t tried before. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary to take home, there’s no better place in Oshkosh to get it.

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