Thursday, October 17, 2013

Red & Revived: Get a Taste of Chief Oshkosh Red Lager.

Homebrew Left / Original Right
I like this one a lot. This Saturday, October 19, Oshkosh homebrewer Jody Cleveland will be giving away free samples of his homebrewed version of Chief Oshkosh Red Lager. He’ll tap the keg at Oblio’s Lounge at around 10 a.m. and will keep pouring until 12:30 (or until the beer is gone, whichever comes first). To get your free taste, stop by the Society of Oshkosh Brewers stand (corners of Main and Merritt) during the Farmer’s Market and tell them you want free beer. They’ll hand you a ticket that you can take over to Oblio’s to claim your sample. Free and easy.

And it’s a damned good beer. Last night I met up with Jody and we drank from a couple different batches of Chief Oshkosh Red Lager that he’s brewed. Also in attendance was a full can of 20-year-old Chief Oshkosh Red Lager. Of course, we got into that, too. After all those years in the can, the original Chief Oshkosh Red Lager still tasted pretty good. And though the 20-year-old beer had aged some, the similarities between Jody’s beer and the original remained readily apparent. I guess that’s not too that surprising. The recipe Jody is working from is the same as that used by Jeff Fulbright when he was brewing Chief Oshkosh Red Lager back in the first-half of the 1990s (check out the recipe HERE).

Now if you can’t make in on Saturday, you can still get a taste of the good Chief. Jody will also be serving this beer at Casks & Caskets on Saturday, November 2. Go HERE to get all the news on that.

And to get the full story on Chief Oshkosh Red Lager go HERE.

But most importantly, try to make it to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday and enjoy a rare taste of a remarkable beer.

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