Monday, February 17, 2014

This Week's Beer Dates

A couple of things for your beer calendar this week.

On Tuesday (Feb.18), Gardina’s Beer Bar Series continues with Episodes #6 & #7. Their January beer-bar bash was cancelled due to weather (that was back in the days of -15º), so they’re combining the January and February tappings by cracking open a couple of special kegs. The first is a firkin of Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat Imperial Stout aged on cocoa nibs and raspberries. Along side it will be a keg of Dogfish Head World Wide Stout. This is a colossal beer; Dogfish Head gives its ABV as 15-20%. Watch yourself with that one. The tappings begin at 6pm.

Then on Thursday (Feb.20), Fratellos in Oshkosh is teaming up with Butcher Block Meats & Cheese for a beer and cheese pairing. They’ll pair six cheeses with six beers from Fox River Brewing Company. The pairings begin at 6:30 and they’re asking that people reserve a seat prior to the event. The price is $15. Call (920) 203-2521 or email to RSVP. See the Facebook event page for more info.

       Here’s what the pairings look like:
1. Alpine Washed Rind with The Chief 
We found this to be the lightest cheese offering which was overall rather mild and a natural starting point. Paired with an equally mild beer offering. 

2. Martone with 2X4 Imperial Pilsner 
Interesting cheese presented with a distinctly pungent, moldy exterior. Paired with our 8% ABV Imperial Pilsner; strong enough body and presence without overbearing the soft creamy texture. 2x4's unique profile of floral spicy hops is lifted.

3. Mona with Buzzin' Honey Ale
Found the cheese to be dry and aromatic, but otherwise rather mild flavor. Pairing with the Honey Ale accents many of the sweet malt and honey flavors of the beer.

4. Gouda with Scottish Ale 
Nice cheese and a unique creamy texture to an otherwise rather dry cheese. Would pair well with a warm crusty fresh bread...thus our pairing with the Scottish Ale. With the cheese, the specialty roasted malts are accented.

5. Cocoa Cardona with Chocolate Stout
Not a huge cocoa flavor perceived from the cheese, Muenster-like texture. We are not done making our chocolate stout so we could not actually taste the pairing, but a natural fit; like we did with the Espresso cheese & coffee stout last time.

6. Cheddar Blue with Optic IPA
Wow! Like last time, we had one pairing that really stood out and this is it! Best with an even dose of "blue" to accompany the cheddar. Paired with our big IPA. Hop bouquet goes "pow" with the cheese. Yum!

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  1. Big week with SOB beer dinner also, can't we spread this out?