Sunday, June 29, 2014

An Army of Pot-Bellied Beer Nymphs

This blog will go quiet for a few (7-9) days while I dive into the deep end of the beer pool for a spot of summer fun. Until we meet again, here’s some high weirdness to chew on.

Down below is a full page ad from the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern of July 2, 1914. It shows the Oshkosh Brewing Company waving its freak flag high in preparation for the Fourth of July.

They give us an army of bug-eyed, pot-bellied nymphs armed with enormous beer bottles – reminds me of a recent nightmare. The mutants are led by a bespectacled horseman who looks a hell of a lot like Teddy Roosevelt. Guess they didn't know T.R. wasn’t a beer drinker. Best of all is the wonderful idiocy of the accompanying text:

Tramp—Tramp—Tramp—the boys are marching!
Only instead of cannon crackers it's going to be CRACKERS
and CHEESE —with a case of OSHKOSH "the
Beer with the Fine Flavor," on the side!

Eghhhh… what a shitty play on words. There’s plenty more nonsense the equal of that packed in there. Click the image, watch it grow large and see for yourself.

A few weeks after this appeared, WWI was up and raging with cannon crackers in full blast. The nymphs were the first to die. Gotta have your fun while you can, folks.

Have a great holiday. Prost!


  1. Yikes......weirdest/coolest beer ad of all time. Nice find!

  2. After an ad like this, there's no use in talking QUALITY! Ajajajajajaja