Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brew News From Hereabouts

Here's a pack of stuff bubbling up around us. We'll begin close to home and spread out from there.

The Fall Beer Season
It’s shaping up nicely. Check out that Oshkosh Area Beer Events sidebar on your left (sorry phone readers, you’ll have to switch to the webpage view). That thing is filling in. And that’s just the start of it. There’s going to be more popping in there as fall approaches. We have a lot of good beer bashes on the horizon.

The Glatz Mansion
It’s for sale. This is the house built by Oshkosh beer baron John Glatz in 1894. It’s a beautifully restored Victorian home at 2405 Doty St. I recently spoke with an owner of the property. They’d love to see the home land in the hands of some caring soul who appreciates the historical aspect of the place. Check out the listing and get a peek inside HERE. Read more about John Glatz and an open secret about the house he built HERE.

Oshkosh Brewer Gets Props at Great Taste of the Midwest 
That would be Brett Hintz. “Bub” lives in Oshkosh and is the head brewer for Pigeon River Brewing in Marion. In a recap of this year’s recent Great Taste of the Midwest that appeared in Isthmus, Pigeon River’s Gingerbread Ale was spotlighted as one of the “Most Unusual Brews” of the mammoth beer fest. “This was a dessert beer that few could match,” writes Robin Shepard. Here’s something else: I heard a rumor that beer was actually brewed in Oshkosh. Way to go, Brett!

Fondy Gets a Brewpub
That would be the Green Dragon Brew Pub at 156 Western Avenue in Fond du Lac. Dave Koepke and Jacob Walker of Fondy aren’t churning out beer just yet, but they are open for business. A lot of us in Oshkosh are friends with Dave Koepke. He’s the owner of The Cellar, a terrific home brew shop in Fond du Lac. Dave is also a graduate of the Siebel Institute’s Diploma Course in Brewing and a hell of a brewer. Until, Dave’s beers come online, the Green Dragon is filling the gap with craft beers. Check out the taplist HERE. Visit them on Facebook HERE. And there’s more about our friend Dave HERE.

World of Beer is Coming
To Appleton. World of Beer is a chain of franchised bars that specialize in the kind of beer we like around here. These places typically have anywhere from 30-100 craft beers on tap. The Appleton location isn’t open, yet, but they have a web page up and it looks like they’re taking applications online. Take a look HERE.

Beer at the Museum
In Green Bay, that is. The Neville Museum has an exhibit titled Agriculture to Tavern Culture: The Art, History and Science of Beer that’s running now through October. This looks pretty good. The curator is Kevin Cullen, who did some great stuff blending beer and history while at Discovery World in Milwaukee. In conjunction with the exhibit will be a series of lectures on the theme. The lectures will be followed up with beer tastings. HERE’s a good overview. We ought to do something like this in Oshkosh...

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