Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Growing Oshkosh... with Homebrew

Homebrewers, Growing Oshkosh wants to compost your spent grain.

Growing Oshkosh is an Oshkosh-based urban farm and garden located on Bay Shore Dr. It’s a nonprofit, grassroots effort with a down-to-earth mission: “to raise awareness and educate citizens about the numerous benefits of fresh, healthy, all-natural and sustainable food and food production.

If you’re an all-grain homebrewer, you can help them out.

Just bring your spent grain to the Growing Oshkosh farm/garden located at 530 Bay Shore Dr. They’ll direct you where to dump it. If nobody is on site, you can leave the grain by the garage door on the parking lot side of the property (which can be approached from the alley behind the 530 Bay Shore Dr. address). By this weekend, they hope to have a bucket or barrel labeled for spent grain out to make the drop off quick and easy.

It’s a shame to throw all that spent grain away when a group like this can put it to good use. The homebrewing season is kicking in. The next time you brew, keep Growing Oshkosh in mind.

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