Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cask Beer Tonight at Gardina’s

For the 26th installment of Gardina’s Beer Bar Series, they’re going old school.

Remember when these things started back in the summer of 2013? Me either. And I was there. Maybe that’s why. Anyway, when they launched this series, it was a simple, elementary sort of event. They’d put a cask of beer up on the bar, hammer a tap into it and everybody would drink.

But the scope has expanded. These days, there’s often a four-course tasting menu and tap takeover running in conjunction with the cask beer. Not tonight.

Tonight (Tuesday, February 16) they’ll do like they used to. They’ll put up a cask of beer and let her flow. This time it's Abita Brewing’s Horchata Turbodog, an English-style Brown Ale that’s been seasoned in the cask with vanilla beans and cinnamon. Sounds delicious.

The tap gets hammered in and the beer starts flowing at 6 p.m. Enjoy.

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