Monday, January 16, 2017

People Who Know Their Beer Drink Peoples

Here's an ad rarely seen in these parts. This is a poster issued by People Brewing Company of Oshkosh, circa 1971.

After the 1970 purchase of Peoples by  United Peoples Brewing Ltd., the brewery became the first in America controlled by African Americans. Under the new ownership, Peoples began targeting urban markets. The brewery hoped its unique standing would translate into sales among beer drinkers wanting to support a black-owned business.

The ad seen here was part of that marketing strategy. You wouldn't have seen this one hanging around Oshkosh. It was sent off to larger cities like Milwaukee and Gary, Indiana. It wasn't much help. In 1972, the 59-year-old Peoples Brewing Company went bankrupt and closed.

You'll find more about the sad end of Peoples Brewing here.

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