Monday, March 13, 2017

Old Hank

Old Hank was a 1930s Ford discovered in a junkyard near Brown Deer in 1961. The Oshkosh Brewing Company restored it and had it fit with a reefer that could hold beer at 40ยบ Fahrenheit. Old Hank was used by OBC in the 1960s for promotions and beer deliveries to special events.

Following up on Old Hank.
I never knew what became of Old Hank. But after posting this I received a couple of messages about its fate. Tony Pagel replied, “Old Hank went to John Kuenzl from Lee Beverage. From there it was sold to The Leach Co. where they fitted it with one of their restored refuse bodies. I read from there it went to Canada in the buyout along with the Leach Co. jobs.”

Kenneth Markofski, who worked at Leach, recalled, “We had it in the Parts Dept. at Leach Co. I had to keep it shined up for visitors.”

Here's Old Hank in 2011 after it had been remodeled by The Leach Co. Photo courtesy of Dan Radig.

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