Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Down Fond du Lac Way

A couple things going on down in Fond du Lac this week that you might want to check into. First, the Fond du Lac Beer and Wine Making Club will gather for their inaugural meeting on Wednesday night, June 2nd, at Slim & Chubby's, 109 South Main Street in Fond Du Lac. The meeting will start at 6:15. This is a rare opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a brewing club and help pick the club’s name and set its direction. The crew in Fond du Lac wants to get the word out that this isn’t just a beer brewing club. They'd like to encourage area winemakers to come out and take an active roll in the club, as well.

Also this week in Fond du Lac, Dave Koepke is having a sale to celebrate the first anniversary of his homebrew shop, The Cellar. For beer brewers, he’s marked down Wyeast Belgian yeast strains to $5.99 and all his American grown hops are going for just $.99 an ounce. Couple that with a case of 1 liter flip top bottles for $31.00 and you’re well on your way to making one of those Belgian IPAs that seem to be coming into vogue. For the winemakers, Dave’s offering $10 off Winexpert white wine kits.  The sale ends June 5th so get to it while you can.


  1. that's June 2nd!! Tomorrow night!!

  2. Yes, indeed that is June 2nd - Tomorrow night! Sorry about my earlier typo...