Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 2nd Annual Fond Du Lac Brewfest Draws Nigh

Now that the atmosphere has cleared of the holiday-season debris, it’s time to turn our attention to events that really matter. Such as beer festivals. The first of the 2011 season will be the 2nd Annual Fond Du Lac Brewfest slated for Saturday, February 5, 2011. That may seem a bit distant, but like last year’s FDL Brewfest, this year’s event will sell-out so the time to set your plans and get your tickets is now. And that’s easy enough to do. In Oshkosh, just head over to O’Marro’s Public House where you can nab a ticket and sign up for the bus that’ll happily haul your sotted bulk down to Fond du Lac and back.

Visit the Fond Du Lac Brewfest website for all the pertinent info and while you’re over there take a look at the breweries they’ve lined up. The emphasis is on small, Wisconsin breweries who’ll be pouring beer you probably haven’t tried before. For example, take Black Husky Brewing - a nano-brewery located outside of Pembine in Northern Wisconsin. Black Husky makes great beer that’s virtually unavailable outside a 30 mile radius of their brewery and they’ve promised to brew a couple special beers just for this event. This is the kind of thing that makes a beer festival worthwhile. See you there!


  1. WOW! A brewery in PEMBINE!? Thanks for the tip, Lee...we hadn't heard anything about it. (our new place "up north" just happens to be within that 30 mile radius you speak of!!) Fantastic!!!

  2. Sandy, you should try and get a tour of the brewery. The couple that started it are a lot of fun. I started asking him a ton of questions about his process and he held nothing back. The beers are excellent, too.

  3. We definitely will! I just "hooked up" with them on Facebook, and they look like they're a LOT of fun. Pretty excited to find out about this place! Thanks for helping everyone keep up with gems like this!!!