Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beer There and Everywhere

The Oshkosh Beer blog went online exactly one year ago today. One  hundred and ninety-five blog posts later, we once again find ourselves, with liver aquiver, gazing upon yet another selection of choice tap handles. Let’s get to ‘em.

It’s been 25 years since the last time Oblio’s brought in a barrel of what may be the worlds finest doppelbock and who knows when they’ll roll in the next one, so as beer freaks we all owe it to ourselves to get down there and drink deeply from the faucet currently drawing Paulaner’s Salvator Doppelbock. This is Bock supreme! A strong, full-bodied lager with a gale of toffee aroma and an incredibly rich malt flavor. Skip your next meal and indulge yourself in this delicious loaf of liquid bread.

If you’re craving a bock that’s a little less chewy, Barely and Hops has what you’re looking for. Nate recently brought in the New Glarus Cabin Fever Honey Bock. This is a much lighter bock that hearkens back to the traditional bocks of Wisconsin. A nice, easy-going, malt-forward beer that’s good for multiple pints. 

All right, just because we’ve got all these bocks around town, doesn’t mean Spring is here. We’re still deep in winter, the season for imperial stouts. At Fratellos’ Fox River Brewing they recently tapped their always welcome Vader Imperial Stout. It’s been a year since the last time this was available in Oshkosh and this year’s version is choice. It’s a true Russian Imperial Stout, that pours pitch black and comes on big with the deep flavors of dark fruit and roasted malts. There’s a bit of alcohol in the finish to warm you up, too. Check out Brewmaster Kevin Bowen’s notes here.

One last stop: You’ve got to get over to Becket’s. They have a slew of new beers on and a couple you shouldn’t miss. Ommegang’s Abbey Ale, a great, American-brewed Belgian Dubbel, is pouring and they’re serving it up in a glass that’s perfect for the beer. I wish more places would show that kind of respect for their beer (and I wish less people would steal their beer glasses when they do). Also at Becket’s is Southern Tier's Old Man Winter Ale. Here’s another full-bodied, malt-laden winter brew that features a serious dose of American hops. But those punchy hops match perfectly with the beer’s big malt flavor. The balance of this beer is phenomenal making its 7% ABV drift by virtually unnoticed... until later.

So that’s the get-the-hell-out-of-the-house edition of this week's beer round-up. Beer is a convivial beverage, friends! Support our local good beer joints by getting out there and enjoying it in the company of your fellow quaffers. Prosit!


  1. Wow, a year already! Happy Anniversary! :)

  2. Thanks, Sandy. It's been a fast year.

  3. whoa..... seems like only 11 months to me!!!!!

  4. Thanks Lee! You insight is invaluable. Perhaps the possible snowstorm this coming week will strand me at either of the three hot spots for some choice brews! I still owe you an email about possibly getting a home brew from you!

    Happy blog birthday!