Monday, January 20, 2014

Oshkosh Brewing Company Emblem & Demolition Pictures

Today we have a guest post by fellow Oshkosher Thomas Denow. I'd like to add one thing to Tom’s story: the pictures you’ll see below date from December 1986/January 1987, when the demolition of the Oshkosh Brewing Company was underway. For a larger view of any of the pictures, just give them a click. Now, here’s Tom.

Back in the 1980s I realized I had undeveloped film in my camera. Not remembering what pictures were taken I took the film in to Camera Casino on Main St. in Oshkosh.  After they were developed I stopped in Oblio’s Lounge to look at the pictures and have a beer. I was pleasantly surprised to see the photos of the brewery, especially the Chief Oshkosh emblem. I immediately remembered taking the photos and that I took multiple shots hoping to get a good picture of the emblem. I picked the best of the bunch to have an enlarged print made for framing. That day Mark Schultz who was bartending at Oblio’s also requested a print which is still displayed in the bar.

I lived in an upstairs apartment across from the brewery in the 80s when it was being razed. Wanting a good picture of the emblem in its original environment, I had waited until the weather was right and sun was in the proper position, hoping for the best photo. Some of the photos are not in good focus but all are included that were taken at the time.

When this picture was taken I remember talking with Paul Winter, who grew up across from the brewery. He won the auction for the emblem. He said he had gotten a little caught up in the bidding spending more than he had expected. Eventually he sold it back to the city.

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