Thursday, May 12, 2016

Oshkosh Beer Show #48 – ​IPA, Door County Style

This week Adam and I are drinking Sideshow, a Door County Style IPA. You didn’t know there was such a style? We didn’t either, but here it is. Sideshow surprised both of us and in different ways.

We've given our take on it, now hear what the brewer has to say. Here's Danny McMahon, brewmaster for Door County Brewing, talking about Sideshow IPA.


  1. I'm having a Sideshow now and watching your tasting. As you drink more of these you will like it more and more. Have also had bottled Polka King Porter also in the Belgian style. Last week I enjoyed Door County's Belgian Tripel and Tropique on draft at the brewery taproom in Bailey's Harbor. Very interesting brewery carving it's own path in the Wisconsin beerscape.

    1. Leigh, good to hear from you! It's almost like we had a beer together. I really need to get up to the taproom in Bailey's Harbor!