Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Beer 1955

Earlier in the week, I blogged about the Black Friday beers that’ll be released in Oshkosh today. I should have also mentioned that Black Friday and beer go back a long way in Oshkosh.

The Friday after Thanksgiving was the day when Oshkosh’s breweries would release their annual batches of holiday beer. These were strong lagers sold at the standard price as a customer appreciation gesture.

Here’s an ad from the Daily Northwestern published on Black Friday, November 25, 1955. HOLIDAY BREW IS IN!

Imagine that, $2.35 for a case of limited release beer. A steal!

That monochrome ad barely hints at the excitement generated by these beers. People in Oshkosh flocked to them. The supply often ran out before the end of the season. It was considered a special time for beer lovers here.

The labels certainly conveyed a sense of cheer.

Of course, all this was swept away in 1971 and 1972 when Oshkosh Brewing and Peoples Brewing closed. Nobody then could have imagined the revival we're now experiencing.

If you’re out today at Bare Bones or Fox River indulging in their Black Friday beers take a moment to consider where we stand. Our beer culture, left for dead, is vital once again. Today is a good day to make the most of it.

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