Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Oshkosh Black Friday Beers

Both Oshkosh breweries are releasing small-batch, barrel-aged beers on Black Friday, November 25. Here's what’s in the offing.

Bare Bones Brewery
The taproom opens at noon when they’ll get into a keg of Feed the Dog Scotch ale aged in a Vanguard Whiskey barrel from Great Northern Distilling. I had a preview taste of this one. It’s very good. The beer, with its notes of sweet caramel and light roast, melds nicely with the caramel and vanilla tones drawn from the barrel. It’s quite strong (over 9% ABV), but quite drinkable. They're releasing just a quarter-barrel of this one, so Black Friday will likely be the only crack you’ll get at it.

Fox River Brewing
The taproom opens at 11 a.m. and they’ll offer bombers of Port Barrel Quad that’s been aging for more than 18 months in a port barrel from Trout Springs Winery. I haven’t tasted this one, yet. That said, the strong, Fox River Quad with its raisin and grape-like sweetness ought to be a good match for the chocolate and cherry notes from the port-wine influence of the barrel. Should be a good dessert beer. We’ll find out Friday. By the way, they’ve packaged this one in hand-dipped, waxed bombers. Check it out…

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