Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beer Ads in Oshkosh No. 6: Oshkosh Root Beer; Can You Believe This Shit?

Seeing as yesterday was the anniversary of the 18th Amendment going into effect, I thought I ought to observe that sour date in some ugly way. So, here’s a seemingly pleasant little ad from July 1920 that ought to sicken any self-respecting Oshkosh beer lover. And here’s why: when the 18th Amendment debuted on January 16, 1920, The epic mistake of Prohibition became part of the U.S. Constitution. Think about that. This garbage was actually written into our Constitution. The result was a mosaic of large-scale problems and an endless stream on minor insults such as the one below. Here we have the Oshkosh Brewing Company resorting to root beer. The text of this ad delusional. The first paragraph is so poorly written and nonsensical you can tell that the poor guy forced to type it up hated every last key stroke (click the image, if you dare to read it). And I don’t want to know what the laughing fat man with his dainty glass is so happy about. He’s a pervert of some kind, I’m sure of it. In a better world the banner at the top of the ad would have read OSHKOSH ROOT BEER, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT?

From the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern July 1, 1920

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