Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rusty Red & the Breweries of Oshkosh at O’Marro’s Public House

Our Secret
Our moment is at hand, the most spectacular beer event ever to occur between 7-10 p.m. tomorrow night!!!! How’s that for empty bluster? Anyway, if you have nothing doing on Thursday evening (January 24), drop in at O’Marro’s Public House and have a beer with me. O’so Brewing will be there to tap a fresh keg of their Rusty Red on nitro and I’ll be hanging around hawking books as I soak up beer. If you already have a copy of The Breweries of Oshkosh, bring it in and I’ll gladly lessen it’s value with my signature (I’ve graduated from crayons and can use a real pen now!). Here’s a special offer to anybody who buys a book tomorrow night: after you purchase the book, whisper the secret word to me and I’ll buy you a pint of Rusty Red Nitro or tap beer of your choice. Our secret word is: Würtzer - don’t worry, no funny accents required. Check out the O’so Rusty Red Nitro & Oshkosh Breweries Signing event page on Facebook. See you Thursday.

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