Tuesday, May 13, 2014

American Craft Beer Week at Fratellos in Oshkosh

Did you know this is American Craft Beer Week? Of course you did. For nine years running, the Brewers Association has highlighted a week in May to encourage people in the good-beer trade to do something special in celebration of the small and independent brewing movement.

At Fratellos in Oshkosh they’ll do a couple of things to mark the occasion. First, they’re having a keg swap with Red Eye Brewing of Wausau. All week long, Fratellos will have Red Eye’s Dopplesticke Altbier on tap. This is a big, malty, German-style brown ale. Red Eye makes some great beer. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their stuff, this is a good way to do it without having to drive to Wausau.

Then on Friday (May 16) at 4:00 pm, Fratellos will tap a batch of Fox River’s Shakedown IPA. This is a single-hop, 7.1% IPA that’s long on simcoe, a hop that delivers a flood of pine and citrus flavors. They’ll open the tap on that and offer free samples until 5:00 pm. Can’t beat free. Happy Craft Beer Week!

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