Monday, May 26, 2014

Beer Ads in Oshkosh: Memorial Day, 1913

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Here’s a minor masterpiece that appeared in the Daily Northwestern on Memorial Day, 101 years ago today. Our friends at the Oshkosh Brewing Company suggest that after a bout of dampening exertion, we replenish our vital bodily fluids with their “stimulating” beer.

   Exercise produces thirst be-
cause it induces perspiration
and as a consequence, the body
calls for more moisture. Even
light exercise starts the per-
     Drink Oshkosh Beer
   It not only quenches the
thirst, but it is slightly stimu-
lating and it imparts to the
body new energy at a time
when it is needed.
   When you call for beer, ask
for Oshkosh Beer and you will
get a brew of high quality.
Phone No. 11.   Bottle Dept. 183
      1631 Doty Street

This happy babble isn't all balderdash. Science says it’s true. Still, does shooting pool really count as exercise? The way I play, it does. The endless pacing around the table as I miss one shot after another always leaves me in need of moisture and calling for beer.

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