Friday, April 10, 2015

Devil Beer and Other Notes

A few notes to pass along, but before we get into that, let’s have a beer.

Ale Asylum Diablo Belga
A deep brown beer with pretty, red highlights. It starts with a pleasant aroma of dark fruit and chocolate. A rich malt flavor follows with broad notes of chocolate, caramel and candied fruit. There’s a spiciness from the yeast that combines with the slight heat of alcohol to produce an effect that’s like a mildly hot pepper. Medium bodied in the classic, Belgian strong-beer sort of way. It’s almost too easy to drink. It’s 9.2% ABV and has a devil on the label. I guess that’s a warning. An excellent beer. They’re selling it at Ski’s in Oshkosh in 6-packs for $12.99.

Good Taste
My new Oshkosh Beer Beat column just went up at the Oshkosh Independent. This time, I outline a basic approach to beer tasting. Get the most out of your beer, by checking that out.

We Got Events!
And lot’s of ‘em. I’ve been slacking on keeping the calendar up to date. That’s fixed. Look over to the left under the bus. There’s a pack of dates and words there telling of beer happenings slated for Oshkosh that are on the near horizon. If you’re on a phone, switch over to web view to see what’s up.

About Those Breweries...
I’ve been getting a ton of feedback the last couple of weeks about the slew of new breweries being planned for Oshkosh (if you missed it, look HERE and HERE). People are excited about this stuff. That’s good to see. Obviously, there’s a lot of pent-up demand around here. This week, I’ve been talking with Dan Dringoli, who’s launching a brewery just over the Oshkosh City line in the Town of Oshkosh. I’ll have more here on his project next week.

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