Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Brewery to Be Launched in Town of Oshkosh

Location of Brewery in Red
Here’s the nuts and bolts of the situation…

Last summer word began to spread that a new brewery was in the planning stages just over the Oshkosh city line in the Town of Oshkosh. It looks now as though this brewery will become a reality by summer.

The brewery is being built at the southeast corner of the intersection of County Roads S and Y. In the rezoning application for the parcel, which was approved in October, the proposed use for the property is listed as a “Microbrewery and tap house.”

The facility will be housed in a 9,000 square foot building. The brewery will occupy 1,250 square feet of the space. The tap room will cover an additional 1,250 square feet.

It’s a good location. The site just off the Wiouwash Recreational Trail where it crosses County Rd S. Getting there would be an easy bike trip from Oshkosh.

I’ve been in contact with Dan Dringoli, the man behind this venture. We’ll be talking more next week. Dringoli says the brewhouse will be installed in May. He hopes to begin producing beer by June.

There’ll be much more to come on this in the near future...

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