Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Chester V's Bringing Dozens of Draft Lines and Something New to Oshkosh

The beer scene here is about to get another considerable boost. When Chester V's opens at 2505 Oregon St. in early November, the gastropub will feature 40 draft lines. Their current plan is to dedicate all those lines to craft beer. And the configuration of those taps will be something entirely new to the Fox Valley.

While 24 of the taps will be located behind the bar, the remaining 16 handles are on table tenders that allow patrons to pour their own beer. The table tenders are positioned near the main bar on four separate tables, each equipped with a draft tower. Each tower has four tap handles and can dispense four different beers.

Customers will access the beer by first checking in with a server who sets the amount of beer that can be poured. Because the taps are metered by the ounce, patrons can dispense beer in measures of their own choosing. Each of these tables will have a dedicated iPad displaying how much beer has been dispensed.

Though the initial beer list hasn't been finalized, it's beginning to take shape. Lyn Schuh is part of the team helping to launch Chester V's. "We'll probably have a couple of nationally distributed brands, but mostly it's going to be Wisconsin beers," Schuh says. "We'll want to stick with as many local things as we possibly can." Schuh has been inviting people to share their beer suggestions on Chester V's Facebook page.

Not that it's all beer. There will be a full bar, with a range of wines and spirits. And the gastro piece of the pub will be equally significant. Pub fair will be available from 11 am to 4 pm daily, while the evening menu will emphasize steaks and chops.

I was at Chester V's last week and was given a walkthrough. If I had been led in blindfolded, I wouldn't have guessed that this place was formerly Hermana’s CafĂ© and Mario’s before that. The old interior has been gutted. In it's place is a modern, industrial design composed of wood, metals and exposed brick.

Chester V's is owned by Dirk Binnema and Dave Vienola, Binnema formerly operated Dirk's Diner at the Planeview Travel Plaza in Oshkosh. Vienola is co-owner of Vienola Bros Construction and was part owner of the Bison & Elk, Co. bar when it was open on Oregon St.


  1. Much success to Dirk & Dave.
    This location was Rumlow's tavern for many years. My paternal Grandfather (Harold Gehrke) spoke fondly of Archie Rumlow serving ice cream cones to the kids who came in with their parents. As I recall, Archie was also a bit of a practical joker. I'm guessing this would have been in the 1930s and/or 1940s.