Sunday, October 4, 2015

Free Beer at the Library this Saturday, October 10

This Saturday under the dome at the Oshkosh Public Library you can checkout some beer. Seriously. Beginning at 3 pm, Oshkosh homebrewer Jody Cleveland and I will present Oshkosh Brews! A Homebrewed Taste of our Enduring Beer Culture. We'll go through the process of making beer at home with some side trips along the way into the history of brewing in Oshkosh.

In addition to Jody and I, Greg Putzer and Steve Schrage will be on hand with their collections of Oshkosh brewing memorabilia. They'll have some incredible pieces on display.

And then there's the beer. Jody and I have made three beers that everyone will have a chance to sample during the event. Here's the rundown of the beer we'll be pouring.

Elk's Head Beer
The Rahr Brewing Company produced beer in Oshkosh at its family-owned brewery from 1865 until 1956. For much of that time, the Rahr's flagship beer was a rich, golden lager named Elk's Head. This homebrewed interpretation of Elk's Head is brewed from the Rahr's original recipe.

Oshkosh Wildcat
When Prohibition began, Oshkosh didn't go dry. Homebrewers and wildcat breweries kept the city awash in beer. Oshkosh Wildcat is brewed from a recipe commonly used during that time. An amber beer, it has the "high kick" that was common among the illegal brews that flourished in Oshkosh during the "dry" years of 1920-1933.

Otter St. Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest-style beer has become the traditional fall beer of Oshkosh. The homebrewed Oktoberfest we'll be tasting was made in Oshkosh and comes with a deep, amber color, a medium body, and a malty flavor featuring notes of caramel. The clean, dry finish of this lager is in keeping with its German roots.

The event will last just over an hour and the price is right: free! Hope to see you there.

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