Friday, March 15, 2013

Oshkosh Beer Sampler 012: Krombacher Dark

A slanted and endless survey of what’s pouring in Oshkosh, tallied one beer at a time.

What: Krombacher Dark Lager, a Schwarzbier brewed by the Krombacher Brauerei in Germany.

Where: On Draught at Oblio’s, Oshkosh.

Why: Because sometimes you just want to enjoy a good beer without having to analyze the living shit out of it. And this is the right beer for that time. The flavor is mild and malty with nods towards chocolate and caramel. The finish is dry and clean with a wee poke of hop bitterness. It’s a companion beer; the kind you drink for the simple pleasure of enjoying a well-made beer that has no desire to overwhelm you. It’s the sort of beer that reminds you why started liking beer in the first place.


  1. Thanks for all the updates to what's brewin' in Oshkosh.


  2. Happy to do it, Woj. Thanks for stopping by!