Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saturday Night's All Right

Don't want to pay $75 for three hours of beer drinking Saturday night? Well, then, your not going to be showing up at Hops & Props (unless you nabbed one of those free tickets that seem to be falling from the sky). But just because you're skipping the EAA's bash doesn't mean you won't have access to a flood of righteous beer come date night in Oshkosh. Both Dublin's and O'Marro's are hosting alternatives to Hops and Props that'll keep you well oiled.

At Dublin's they're changing out their tap list for the evening and putting in a line-up geared for connoisseurs. The list is a stunner and you can check out the whole thing HERE.

The O'Marro's gig is along the same lines with a Craft-tap takeover that'll bring in more choice beer than you'll probably be able to take in. Check out the Facebook page for the event HERE.

It's gonna be a good night for great beer in Oshkosh.

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