Friday, March 1, 2013

The Taps Are Back!

When this low-flying beer blog launched at the start of 2010, the whole point was to have a place where anybody could see the tap lists of places where good beer was pouring in Oshkosh. After more than a year of that, my liver turned to pudding from all the time I spent going from bar to bar trying to keep things updated. I found I just couldn’t take note of the taps without having a few beers while I gathered the info. Can you blame me? Anyway, in the interest of my own wobbly sobriety, I quit all that… until now. The taps are back!

If you look over to your left (sorry phone gawkers, you get no left on your dinky screen), you’ll notice that the tap lists have returned. We now have lists for Becket’s, Dublin's, Gardina’s and O’Marro’s; and I’m hoping to have a few more before long. Those links will take you to websites maintained by the people pouring the beer, which means I can maintain my regularly scheduled beer habit without becoming more of a tavern troll than I already am.

If you're a tavern owner/operator who’d like to have your taps listed here, get in touch via the email address at the upper left. There’s no charge, we just need a way to keep things up to date and there are simple solutions for doing that.

Click those links, friends, you’re bound to find a few things that trip your thirst trigger.
The weekend is here, so to hell with winter. Get out of your hovel and go have a beer!

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