Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Glarus' Cherry Stout is Back in Town

Earlier this month, New Glarus Brewing brought back their much loved Cherry Stout and now you can get it in Oshkosh! It’s been brought out as part of their Unplugged series of limited release beers, so it’ll probably be around for just the next couple months.

It’s a great beer and one you ought to try. In 2005 and 2006 the beer won a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the Wood and Barrel Aged category. If you’re not a fan of barrel-aged beers, don’t let the medals put you off. The barrel aspect of this beer is slight. Mostly what comes across is ripe, tart Montmorency cherries bathed in dark-caramel malt sweetness. The stout part of it is a little misleading, too, as the beer is nearly devoid of the roastiness you’d expect in the style.

Whatever you call it, this is an excellent beer and it won’t be around for too long so you might want to give it a pour while you can. Four-packs are on the shelves at Festival Foods for $8.49 and at Pick 'n Save for $8.99 (where at North Side store it sits under a set of intense fluorescent lights that can't be doing the beer any favors).

Here, with much respect to Wörtwurst at A Roughneck's Take On Beer, is a little, lo-fi pouring.


  1. Nice touch Lee! Is that a young BB King in the background?

  2. Close. Actually, that's an old Big Joe Turner singing Cherry Red Blues with the Count Basie Band.