Thursday, February 11, 2010

Three New Beers at Fratellos

Fratellos in Oshkosh recently put on three new beers that you might want to check out: Seroogy's Chocolate Stout, Red of Winter and Fox River Reserve.

The Seroogy’s beer has been brought out for Valentines Day and is brewed with dark chocolate from Seroogy's in De Pere. This isn’t so much a desert beer as it is a highly drinkable stout where the smokey, chocolate flavors are not overtly dominant. You could have a few of these.

Red of Winter is is a nicely balanced ale with the firm hop character of an English bitter. At 6% it’s just warm enough to have the heft you look for in a winter session brew.

The sleeper of the flight is undoubtedly the Fox River Reserve. Fratellos has it listed on the fruit beer board, but it’s nothing like the light, sweet beers that are often featured there. This is Fratellos Brewmaster Kevin Bowen’s take on a Belgian Grand Cru, a blend of two aged beers that is dry and rich with a tartness that verges on sour. If you like deeply flavored, assertive beer you’ll go for this one.

Kevin has been good enough to supply us with detailed notes on his brews. They’ll give you a good idea of his approach to the beer he’s making. You can read those HERE.

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