Thursday, March 11, 2010

Point’s Black Ale Arrives in Oshkosh

It’s easy to take Stevens Point Brewery for granted. They’ve been around forever. And most of the dedicated beer drinkers who came of age in this area have passed copious time guzzling the brewery’s flagship lager. Unfortunately, extended familiarity of this type isn’t much help when it comes to inspiring the kind of consumer passion craft brewers rely upon. So what. Point keeps plugging away. And we’re lucky to have them near-by, making a range of good beers that rely more on accessibility and brewing skill than extreme flavors or hype.

Point’s newest brew hit the shelves in Oshkosh this week and it may be the best of their your-round offerings. 2012 is a black ale named for the year the dead-ending Mayan calender purports to dooms us all. Well, let’s not give a shit about that. We’re here for the beer, and this one is good.

The ale pours jet-black with a nice stand of creamy, brown foam. The aroma is toffee-sweet with a hint of coffee. The beer drinks light and smooth with a nice blend of subtle chocolate and roast flavors that are clean and well-defined; not the least bit overbearing. It finishes with a surprising kick of hops that compliment the preceding maltiness. You could easily drink a lot of this. Overall, it reminds me most of a well-made Dark English Mild.

That’s enough talk. Here’s the beer. Enjoy!

If you'd like to catch them bottling this stuff HERE is another little video for you.

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