Sunday, July 4, 2010

The New Old Oshkosh Saloon

Let’s try this again... A few weeks ago, we posted this about the impending transformation of Paul Esslinger’s tavern, Screwballs. In addition to a wholsale makeover of the Main Street bar, Esslinger intended to re-name the tavern the Chief Oshkosh Saloon. Seems there’s been a change of plans. In deference to the concerns of the Menominee Indian Tribe, Esslinger said he's decided to drop the Chief Oshkosh moniker and go with the Old Oshkosh Saloon instead. According to Esslinger, The scheduled makover of the saloon will proceed as planned, only the name and the logo have changed.

Chief Oshkosh won’t be entirely deleted from the scene. Esslinger said he intends to go ahead with his Founder’s Table Mug Club, a promotion that will award dedicated patrons with a t-shirt showing their picture along with a gathering of Oshkosh historical figures, Chief Oshkosh among them. “I did speak with an official from the Tribe and he said he loved the idea about having a ‘Founder’s Table’ which included Chief Oshkosh,” Esslinger said.

As planned, Screwballs will close for the remodel July 5th and re-open a week later under the new name. To celebrate the re-opening the Old Oshkosh Saloon will have a July 14th Waterfest special that includes a ticket to Waterfest, a pint of beer and a brat for $10. The special will carry over for all Waterfest events so if Alice Cooper's Theatre of Death isn’t your thing, you’ll have plenty of other opportunities get in on the deal.

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