Thursday, September 27, 2012

Farmer’s Market & Farmhouse Beer

I’ll get to that pretty thing there on the left in a moment, but before I do... If the Downtown Oshkosh Farmer’s Market is going to be part of your Saturday, stop by and say hello. Ron Akin and I will have a table where we’ll be hawking our book, The Breweries of Oshkosh,  and talking to anyone willing to listen to us babble about beer, brewing and their history in our fine city.

Speaking of the weekend, you may want to include THIS in your plans. There's three of them at Festival.

Now about that beer. It’s New Holland’s Farmhouse Hatter, a Belgian IPA and it’s on tap right now at Dublin’s. I had one yesterday and loved it. And, as a rule, I find Belgian IPAs disgusting. This one isn’t. It’s beautifully integrated with plenty of everything and not too much of anything. It brings a wealth of flavor, for such a mild beer (5% ABV). HERE’s what the geeks at Rate Beer are saying. Disregard the haters; they’re wrong.

One last thing: Over on the lower left, you’ll see the What's Brewing header. I’ll try to keep this updated on a timely basis. If you have anything you’d like to share or have added, drop it in the comments section of this post or send an email. This fall’s drinking is looking good!


  1. I tried to purchase three copies of the new book off of the Ebay site. It only let me purchase one copy and when I tried to purchase more it gave me an error message saying something like I'd hit the purchase limit from that vendor. It said I could only purchase one item from the vendor within a ten day period.

    I sent an email off to the Ebay vendor, but wanted to let you know that happened.

    I'm not in the Oshkosh area, so can't attend an event to purchase one and can't buy one from a an Oshkosh vendor.

    I'll wait to hear back from the Ebay vendor and see if they can solve the problem. I want to get some in the mail as birthday gifts.

    Congratulations on the book!

    1. Anonymous, thanks for your interest! If you have any further issues, please get in touch by email: I’ll be able to help you out. Thanks!

  2. Got it straightened out. Thanks! I just got my first copy in the mail. All I can say is AMAZING!!!! What a great job you've done. I got chills when I saw the pic on page 65 of the Glatz caverns. Those were the caverns we played in as kids, when my aunt and uncle lived next door in the old Buckstaff house. Is that cavern still there? The last time I was at Glatz Nature park, (about 5 years ago), the path was overgrown with weeds and prickers and we didn't go back too far -- probably not far enough to reach the caverns.

    I also got chills seeing the faces of the men and women who built and grew the City of Oshkosh. You've really done them proud. I don't ever want people to forget these important citizens of Oshkosh. This book certainly honors their memory.

    1. Anonymous, thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you‘re enjoying the book and It’s especially nice to hear that it stirred up such fond memories. As for the Glatz caverns; they’ve been filled in, but the park has been cleaned up and you can still the the foundation of the old brewery. It’s the oldest remaining brewery structure in Oshkosh. Thanks again!