Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Beer for Homebrewing Keggers

If you’re a homebrewer who kegs their beer, here’s a brew that might pique your interest if not your palate. Mississippi Mud is nothing special, but the 32-ounce howler (half a growler) they sell it in is fantastic. It’s the perfect jug for those times when you want to take some homebrew along with you, but don’t want to pull a full, half-gallon growler off your keg.

The gimcrack label is just plastic wrap that takes about three seconds to tear off. Drain the beer and you’re all set: you have yourself a nice little howler that’s about a buck cheaper than those sold at homebrew shops. Festival Foods in Oshkosh sells these for $3.99. The low-end price at a homebrew shops would typically be about $4.99... and that’s without the beer.

I suppose as long as we’re here, we ought to taste some beer. They’re calling it a Black & Tan, which in this case amounts to a blend of porter and pilsner. It pours dark brown with a light, fluffy head. The aroma is neutral with a hint of roast malt peeking back at you. The beer is easy drinking and light with a faint sweetness. The roast comes up as it warms; as does an unpleasant metallic note. Drink it fast and don’t worry about it. You just picked up a nice little howler and maybe a wee buzz. No point in analyzing that. Just feel good.


  1. Only problem with these is that the threads are a bit different that standard growlers and it can be hard to get a good seal

  2. I know what you mean, Timothy. I've been using the plastic caps and giving them a good twist. That's been working pretty well.