Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oshkosh Riverwalk Bike & Beer Tour

I posted something similar to this about year ago, but now that we’re heading into the heart of the summer biking season I think it bears repeating.

What I’ve mapped out here is ill advised, potentially illegal and a lot of fun. All I can say is use your best judgement.

This is a 5-stop bike tour of the best beer spots located along the Fox River where it slices through the City of Oshkosh. Let’s hit the road.

We're going to start on N. Main St.

Just before the bridge on the west side of North Main, you’ll notice a ramp that snakes along the side of the new Waterfront Hotel. This will lead you onto the Riverwalk and take you to the first of our stops.

Beer Stop #1: The Ground Round at River's Edge / 1 North Main St.

Not exactly a destination point for good beer, but they do have a swank patio on the river and they have been keeping a couple decent Wisconsin-craft beers on tap. Sink a pint, take in the river view and get back on your bike.

Bike: A couple dozen pedal strokes west along the Riverwalk will take you to one of the finest beer spots in Oshkosh.

Beer Stop #2: Becket’s / 2 Jackson St.

Becket’s has 15 draught lines dedicated to craft beer and cider. You'll have no problem finding something good here. Their patio on the river is an ideal place to enjoy a couple pints. Check out their tap list HERE.

Bike: Saddle back up and continue peddling north about a half mile. As you reach the Wisconsin Street Bridge you'll see the new...

Beer Stop #3: Mahoney's Restaurant & Bar / 30 Wisconsin St.

Mahoney's has outdoor seating and 8 draught lines, the majority of them dedicated to Wisconsin-brewed craft beer. If you haven't eaten, yet, you may want to grab a bite here. The food is good and you've got a ways to go.

Bike: Follow the Riverwalk as it leads you under the Wisconsin St. Bridge and onto a paved path that continues along the river at the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh Campus. This path ends at Rockwell Ave., but leads directly into the start of the Wiouwash Trail. Follow it to where it merges with Summit Ave. When you reach Summit, look dead ahead and you’ll see the sign for the Fox River Brewing Company at Fratellos.

Beer Stop #4: Fratellos Waterfront Restaurant / 1501 Arboretum Dr

When you hit Fratellos, plant yourself on the patio with a beer and soak it all in. The brewpub typically keeps 9-10 of their own beers on tap with a few bottles of past favorites and specialty beers in the cooler near the main bar.

Bike: After you leave Fratellos you’ll have two options. You could either peddle back in exactly the same direction you came; or you could take the Congress Ave. bridge over the river and peddle the back streets that lead towards the Oshkosh Seniors Center at 200 N Campbell Rd. There you can hook back up with the paved trail that is snug to the river (Check out the map below for more precise directions).  Whichever way you go, you’ll want to end up passing through the south tunnel under the Wisconsin St. Bridge to hook up with the southern side of the Riverwalk. This section of the Riverwalk dead ends at Michigan St. Take Michigan to 6th Ave. and hang a right (east). Follow 6th for about four blocks and keep an eye towards the river, where you’ll see...

Beer Stop #5: Dockside Tavern / 425 Nebraska St.

Dockside has a patio on the river with a great view. And some good beer to go along with it. They usually have a decent smattering of crafts on draught and a not-too-bad selection of bottled beer. Not an enormous range of choices, but you’ll find something that’ll work for you. As you enjoy your beer, think about whether or not you have a second lap in you. Of course you do!

Bike: Get back on 6th Ave. and head towards S. Main St. (east). Take the S. Main St. Bridge back over the river and enter the infinite loop. Don’t forget to keep that helmet strapped on. You’re gonna need it.

Below is  a Google biking map, so it doesn't exactly jibe with the biking routes described above, some of which are off the Google grid. This will help if you get lost, but unless otherwise noted, use the directions given above.

To view a somewhat more accurate interactive map go HERE.


  1. Nice, Lee! I think we could also add Gardina's and Oblios to this tour, without too much trouble!

    1. Great idea, Mike! You might need training wheels by the end, though.

  2. Did this ride last year. Ended up being apprehended while trying to cross RR bridge at mouth of river.