Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Beers for Bikes

I love that the two Oshkosh breweries are connected by a bike trail. The trip from Fox River Brewing Company to Bare Bones Brewery is about 4 miles via the Wiouwash Trail. It’s a great, quick ride, one that I’m going to be taking often this summer. Right now each of their taprooms has a beer going that’s perfect for biking. Check it out...

Session IPA at Fox River
A little hop monster. At 4.3% ABV it goes easy on the alcohol and that goes good if you're going on a bike. Hazy and golden, the beer looks just like an American hop ale should. The sticky, citrus hop aroma and flavor dominates every last thing about it. The finish is dry and quenching. Perfect for slaking a thirst. I didn’t expect this to happen, but I’ve really warmed up to this style and this is a terrific example of it. Let’s hope they can keep this one on over the summer months. Here’s the full Fox River tap list.

Dirty Snout Summer Stout at Bare Bones
Here’s another surprise: a nitro beer from Bare Bones. There’s something about black beer in warm weather that appeals to me. This one is black as coal. Better yet, it’s built for warmer weather. Light notes of chocolate and roast in the aroma with maybe just a whisper of piney hop coming through. The nitro business gives the beer’s light body a pleasant, creamy aspect that puts a nice round edge to the roastiness. At 4.8% ABV a couple won’t leave you feeling like your bike has square tires. Here’s the full Bare Bones tap list.

Wait… I’m not the only one thinking of this sort of thing. Just found out there’s an organized cycle run from Fox River to Bare Bones happening on Friday, May 20. The run starts at 6 p.m. More info on that here.


  1. It's easy to spot Lee during the fox river beer ride. He's the only rider/drinker wearing a life jacket.

    1. Ha! You forgot about my training wheels!