Thursday, December 12, 2019

Farmers Beer Hall, 1869

An ad from 1869 for the Farmers Beer Hall where "Fresh Lager" was always on hand.

This place was located on the southeast corner of N. Main and Ceape where the Oshkosh Convention Center now resides. It's the same land that hosted Fred Rahr’s Bar, a place of dubious renown that I recently posted about

Back to Louis Schwalm. He was born in Saxony in 1824. He left there in 1850 and soon after arrived in Oshkosh. In 1853, Schwalm bought the property on N. Main where he opened his Beer Hall.

Louis Schwalm’s younger brother was Leonhardt Schwalm. The younger Schwalm was a brewer and co-owner of Horn and Schwalm's Brooklyn Brewery in Oshkosh. I'll bet I know where all that "Fresh Lager" was coming from.


  1. Thanks Lee for this posting of the Farmer's Beer Hall ad! I emailed you a couple years ago when I found out that
    Louis Schwalm was my great great grandpa! I probably wouldn't know hardly anything about the Schwalms without your research and postings! Did you ever come upon a picture of Louis? Laurie H.

    1. Laurie, I still haven't found that picture. But if I ever do, I'll be sure to publish it here and get in touch. Thanks for stopping by!