Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Are You an S.O.B.?

What do you call a room of full of good people who can’t keep their beer to themselves? S.O.B.s, of course. This evening at 7pm The Society of Oshkosh Brewers, the S.O.B.s for short, will gather at O'Marro’s Public House for one of their regular meetings. It’s a chance to drink beer and talk beer with a crew of friendly brewers who’d like nothing more than to introduce you to the arcane mysteries of zymurgy. If you brew your own beer or just daydream about brewing your own beer, this is the club for you. And let’s not forget about the wine and mead makers. If you’re the fermenting kind, you’ll feel right at home. All are welcome to come check out the club and see what’s pouring. Tell you what, if you become a club member tonight, I’ll buy you a beer at the bar. Then you, too, will be a real S.O.B.

HERE's the website for the The Society of Oshkosh Brewers.

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  1. I tried the 'Moon Man' No Coast Pale Ale from New Glarus last night for the first time. I am pleasantly pleased with that beer. It's my fave of the month so far.