Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet The Fuggles

If you ordered hop rhizomes from Homebrew Market in Appleton this year, you probably received the call last week that your plants had arrived. I picked-up my two roots of Fuggles on Friday. They’ll be hitting the dirt within the next day or two. Wisconsin soils and temperatures aren't known for being especially hospitable to Fuggles, but I’ve had some fairly good luck with hops in my yard so I thought I’d take a chance. They’re looking healthy and ready to grow.

I heard from two local hop growers last week who said their hops are off to a quick start and well ahead of where their plants were at this time last year. My hops are going crazy. On Thursday the largest shoot on my Nugget plant grew four inches in 12 hours (that’s the Nugget in the foreground).

If you’re growing hops in or around Oshkosh, get in touch. I’d love to post more pictures of hop plants as the growing season progresses.

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  1. Dude..... my ex- wife has a couple of different varieties that I recmnd for fence cover...... if you want some cuttings lemmee know. Not sure of the variety