Monday, April 26, 2010

O'so Now at Festival Foods in Oshkosh

In Oshkosh, we’ve been seeing beer from O'so Brewing on tap for several months now, but thanks to the fickle whims of distribution, that’s been the only way to get their beer here in town. That changed late last week when a few cases of O'so showed up at Festival Foods. You might not see it on the shelves yet, but if you dig around back in the cooler you’ll find a few cases tucked into the coveted spot next to the Old Milwaukee tower.

If you haven’t tried O'so recently, you ought to give them a shot. They’ve worked past the early issues they had with consistency and are making fine beer. My favorite of the bunch is Hopdinger, a beer that is fairly representative of what O'so is all about. Like most of the O'so brews, Hopdinger doesn’t comfortably fit within any particular style guideline. It falls somewhere between an American Amber Ale and an IPA. It’s full of American hop aroma and character, but it also comes across with a good hit of Munich malt that balances the beer beautifully. Call it what you will, it’s an excellent beer.

Located about 65 miles north of Oshkosh in Plover, O'so is a true a Mom & Pop operation run by Marc and Katina Buttera. The brewery, which launched in 2008, occupies a small store front next door to Point Brew Supply - the Buttera’s homebrew shop - where they brew in batches of 250 gallons and are just barely keeping up with demand. If you’d like to try O'so on tap, the only spot you’ll currently find it in Oshkosh is at Peabody’s where they have the Night Train Porter on. The O'so beers don’t tend to hang around long, so you might want to get on this stuff before it slips away.

O'so on the web.

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  1. I found it in the exact spot you photographed. I chose the Hopdinger and the Rusty Red. I am please with both brews. I look forward to tasting them over and over again.