Friday, April 16, 2010

The Big Brew In Oshkosh and Fond du Lac

The Big Brew is an annual event conceived in 2001 by the American Homebrewers Association as an elaborate excuse to get together and brew beer. And, of course, drink a few while you’re at it. The national event takes place the first Saturday in May – that’s May 1st this year. If you’ve ever kicked around the idea of brewing your own beer or are just curious to see how it’s done, this is a fun and free way to discover what homebrewing is all about. Homebrewers are welcoming people so don’t be shy about dropping by, saying hello and trying a beer or two.

The Oshkosh Big Brew is going to be an all day affair organized by the Society of Oshkosh Brewer's (SOBs). The SOBs will be setting up their gear and brewing in the parking lot in front of O'Marro's Public House. It’s a good spot for a brew day and I’m sure the party will continue well after the brewing has wrapped up, but you’ll definitely want to get there early to take part in the collective SOB toast being held at noon.

Fond du Lac will have it’s first Big Brew this year at the Denevue Shelter in Lakeside Park. This will be the kick-off event for the Fond du Lac Area Beer & Wine Making Club. If you’re a homebrewer in the Fond du Lac area this is a great opportunity to get in early on a club that’s going to attract a lot of adventurous and enthusiastic brewers. The Fondy crew also wants to encourage Wine Makers to stop by and see what they’re up to.

For a taste of the Big Brew, here’s a video from last year’s Oshkosh event put together by Chief SOB Mike Engel. Mike’s movie took 2nd in the Big Brew YouTube video contest (shoulda won). Watch it with homebrew in hand and you’ll almost feel like you’re there.

 Here’s more information on The Big Brew in Fond du Lac, Oshkosh and Beyond.


  1. Thanks Lee. And thanks Mike for the great video. An even better one coming this year. Be there to be a part of it.

    Went to the Sugar Maple last night. I was dissapointed by a Goose Island Pepe Nero, supposed to be a dark Belgian ale but pretty much uninmpressive. But made up for it with a Tyranena chipolte porter that was very tasty.

  2. Surprised to hear the Goose Island didn't cut it. I've been liking the Belgian beers they've been doing. Have to keep my eyes open for the Chipotle Porter. I've been forgetting about Tyranena lately.

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  4. I tried the Supper Club brew from Capital. It's not bad. Tastes like a well to do PBR. Definitely costs more than PBR.