Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Firkin and More at Dublin’s Irish Pub

Here’s something that would be nice to see more of. This Saturday (Dec. 15) at 7 p.m. at Dublin's Irish Pub, Lakefront Brewery will tap a firkin of its Holiday Spice Lager. A firkin is essentially an almost 11-gallon barrel of unpasteurized, unfiltered beer allowed to naturally carbonate in the cask. This is Real Beer, the sort that used to be served all over Oshkosh 150 years ago – before industrialization changed the way beer was conditioned and dispensed. These days, the firkin scene has become the province of ale brewers, but they were doing it in Oshkosh with lager for decades before filtering and forced carbonation became standard in the latter half of the 1800s. This is an excellent chance to get a taste of true lager beer, with all its inherent flavors still intact. I like seeing this!

Dublin’s has quite a bit going on at the moment. Right now, they have a spate of good winter brews pouring (you can check out their current tap line-up HERE) and coming soon to the pub are a bunch of choice brews including Weyerbacher’s Quad and Southern Tier’s Jahva. These are double-digit ABV beers that’ll keep you nice and toasty as we descend into the dark season.

Then there’s this: for a couple months now, Dublin’s has been posting short videos that feature some background info and tasting notes about one of the beers they’re currently pouring. Good stuff for making you thirsty. Here’s the new one. Check out Dublin's YouTube page to subscribe to the stream.

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  1. Great to see your blog again and congratulations on a great book.

    Lakefront is a top-notch brewery and deserves more events like this one at Dublin's Pub.